What we do...

We help solicitors, former solicitors and their dependants when times are tough.

Every year we help hundreds of solicitors and their families who are in serious financial need as a result of illness, accident, redundancy or some other crisis.

Our services include grants and interest-free loans (usually secured) , support with career transition and access to bespoke personal insolvency advice.

If the time is ever right to remember a charity in your Will. Please think of us — SBA The Solicitors’ Charity.

In partnership with The Law Society

SBA The Solicitors’ Charity is extremely grateful to The Law Society for its unwavering help and financial support in our re-branding process, the design and build of our website and in our determined bid to raise our profile.

Through its substantial marketing efforts we are beginning to reach many more firms than previously thought possible - both in order to publicise our existence to potential beneficiaries and in seeking much needed new sources of funding.

Happy to be working with Law Care