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Announcement of changes at SBA

The SBA Board would like to announce the departure of its CEO, Tim Martin.

Tim spearheaded and oversaw a huge programme of change and modernisation for the Board.  The Chair of Trustees – Matthew Robbins – thanked Tim for his contribution to positive change at the charity.

“It’s with thanks to Tim, we are a solid, professional and effective charity which has adopted new methods and technologies.  Tim’s commitment and drive resulted in more of the right people getting the right support and allowed the charity to be accountable and transparent in what we do, how we do it and why we do it.  We are very grateful to Tim for his efforts and wish him all the best for the future,” said Matthew.

Looking forward, the SBA Board is taking its time to consider the strategy for SBA and how this guides the search for the next CEO.  In the meantime, D’Arcy Myers has been acting as interim CEO using his 25 years in the sector and experience of interim leadership, strategic development and mentoring to support the charity through this period.

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