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A fresh perspective on accessing solid mental health


Guest blog – Chetna Bhatt, CEO, Being Lawyers

What if it we all have a solid foundation of mental health and wellbeing which we can access at any time, irrespective of our circumstances?

It is Mental Health Awareness Week and so it is the perfect time for us to take a closer look at what mental health really is and why it is that so many of us have experience of a chronic state of stress.

What is mental health?

I want to distinguish between mental ill health (which some of us experience) and mental health (which we all have). Over the years, I have become increasingly interested in true mental health and why it is that we are not able to access more of what is naturally available to us. What my clients and I have come to see for ourselves is that when we gain insights into our potential for mental health, our well-being improves and we gain psychological freedom from whatever circumstances we may be in.

Improving mental health

There is an unhelpful misunderstanding in society about how the mind works which can have the effect of us feeling increased levels of stress and taking us away from our natural state of mental health and well-being. Once we see through this misunderstanding, we are able to access our innate resilience to bounce back from any setbacks or circumstances.

Solid mental health is a natural by-product of us having a neutral mind. It is something everyone is born with and cannot be corrupted. The only thing that stands in the way of us experiencing more of it is our ability to get innocently pre-occupied by agitated stressful thinking. I must emphasise the innocence of us doing this – we are simply not taught about how the mind works, which makes it worse. The misunderstanding can mean that our thoughts spiral downwards and not only take us away from good mental health but can, for some, ultimately lead to mental ill health.

With the understanding of how the mind (the human operating system) works, we are able to access our solid mental health at will.

Want to learn more?

Join me at one of my events to learn how you can access your strong foundation of well-being so that you are able to navigate any challenges you might come up against with more grace and ease.


Help for solicitors

Poor mental health can have a profound effect on your finances (and vice versa). Certain issues can cause individuals to be unable to work. Likewise, stress and depression can spiral as a result of not having little to no income.

The good news for solicitors is that organisations like SBA The Solicitors’ Charity, Being Lawyers and LawCare are here to help.

If you’re struggling financially, find out if we can assist you.


Chetna Bhatt is the Co-founder and CEO of Being Lawyers. She is a part-time employment lawyer and qualified executive coach and has, since 2013, been coaching professionals in the UK and abroad on their wellbeing, performance and leadership. Being Lawyers helps lawyers experience less stress and more resilience by sharing a new understanding of the mind which enables them to fulfil their potential without compromising their wellbeing.

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