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  • “The SBA confirms my professional standing as a lawyer

  • “No one should feel their life is in such a state that they can’t ask for help”

  • “You know that there are people there to support you and that you are not alone”

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This Christmas, you can transform people’s lives by giving residual client balances

Imagine having to deal with the stress of not being able to meet heating bills, or afford new clothes, warm food or a roof over your head. While many of us dream of a white Christmas, winter weather can become a nightmare for some.

Despite the myth of all solicitors being well-off, no one is immune from poverty. Life’s challenges such as poor mental health, physical illness, debt, bereavement and redundancy can affect anyone’s ability to support themselves financially.

By giving your unclaimed balances to SBA The Solicitors Charity* you can aid fellow solicitors in getting their lives back on track. The money we make from investing your unclaimed balances will help to pay for items many of us take for granted. These include utility bills, groceries , much needed household repairs, and more. We even fund access to services for emotional support, debt and welfare benefits advice and career coaching.

Let us help you as we transform the lives of solicitors in need or crisis this Christmas.

Full indemnities

To assist with your legal obligations, we offer a letter of indemnity for each donation. This means we will issue a refund for all or part of your balance upon request. So, if your client returns to ask for their funds, we’ve got you covered.

How to donate

To donate, please transfer via the BACS details below:

  • Sort code: 60-80-08
  • Account Number: 60621354

Once sent, please let us know by email – martyn@sba.org.uk. We will then check to see if your funds have arrived safely and will issue you with an indemnity letter.

If your donation is over £500, you may need approval from the SRA to withdraw. Guidance can be found below.

Any amount can make a difference. Whether it’s pounds or pennies, your help can be life changing for those in need.

*SBA The Solicitors’ Charity is the operational name of The Solicitors’ Benevolent Association Ltd.

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