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London Legal Walk 2017

It was a privilege and a pleasure for the four-strong SBA team – Sue Ellis, Martyn Hayes, Tim Martin & Ricardo Premchand – to join a strong LawCare team on the 2017 London Legal Walk. We were among some 12,000 legal professionals all committed to the single purpose of raising much needed funds for access to justice projects across London. Here are our photo highlights of a truly memorable event!

Tom Connolly and Ricardo Premchand, ready for the off…


All for one and one for all!


 Two legal charity chief executives!  SBA’s Tim Martin and LawCare’s Elizabeth Rimmer


         Here we go!  Tim has brought the supplies, thank goodness.


          Hats off to the LLST stewards – what a brilliant job they all did to cheer us on.


          More amazing stewards – and another great photo from SBA’s very own Martyn Hayes.


         Mr Policeman, what on earthy have you done with Zita?   Can someone call a solicitor?


         Phew! There she is.  Thanks to one and all for your support. Looking forward to doing it all again next year.

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