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Why male solicitors should reach out for help

You may have heard the notion of men being more reluctant than women to ask for help. This can be especially true in terms of mental health.

Adversity is a fact of life for all of us, regardless of your job or gender. Yet reports show that women are often more comfortable with reaching out for support than men. This is clearly demonstrated within the legal profession.

Last year, more women reached out to SBA The Solicitors’ Charity for help during times of financial hardship. Female beneficiaries outnumbered males by 61% to 39%. Yet, women make up 48% of all lawyers in law firms.

For many men, there are social expectations that can make life much harder when things go wrong. Notably the misconception that asking for a helping hand is a sign of weakness. Men who are struggling to cope might see value in putting on a brave face and ‘toughing it out’.

After all, self-reliance can give you the feeling of accomplishment and confidence in figuring something out for yourself.

Reluctance within the legal profession

Working in the legal profession may have an extra obstacle. Solicitors spend their working lives helping others and strive to be the best they can be. There is often a fear that receiving aid could undermine everything you have worked so hard to achieve.

In a previous blog, Elizabeth Rimmer, CEO of LawCare Ltd said:

“Many legal professionals are reluctant to talk openly about mental health in work, for fear they may be perceived as weak or not coping with the demands of their role.”


Why you should ask for support in times of need

Self-reliance can seem appealing, but what happens when problems seem too big? What if emotional and money worries escalate and you can’t deal with them alone?

Acting sooner rather than later can stop smaller problems becoming a crisis and landing you in hotter water. It can prevent issues spiralling and affecting your career, relationships and other areas of life.

Reaching out is a sign of strength not a weakness. Despite the misconceptions, this is notably true for men. For some, picking up the phone may feel like uncharted territory. But the right assistance can make all the difference in turning your life around.

If you’re a solicitor (or a dependent of a solicitor) and in need of financial or emotional aid, help is available. Your profession’s charities are here for non-judgemental support. Get in touch for an informal and confidential chat.


  • SBA The Solicitors’ Charity
    Helps with career transition and financial support through loans and outright grants.
    020 8675 6440
  • LawCare Ltd
    Helps with wellbeing support in the legal community.
    0800 279 6888

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