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New Year, New Job, New You

5 tips on effective job search

Guest blog – Seema Smith, Operations Director, Renovo

January is a great month to re–evaluate your career, create a plan to achieve your goals and kick-start your job search.

SBA works closely with Renovo, one of the UK’s leading Career Transition providers, to help colleagues get back to work. Renovo’s support ensures that the job search techniques and methods you are using are as effective as possible. You will also gain remote access to an experienced Career Coach who will be able to advise you on marketing yourself and proactively look for new opportunities.

Over 82% of the people Renovo supports on its Professional Programmes move back into work after a 90-day period. Family law practitioner, Justine, was referred by SBA to Renovo in 2017 – read her case study to learn about her experiences.

Here are some of Renovo’s top tips for making a positive change and getting your job search off to a fresh start in 2018.

1. Dust off your CV and update it

Haven’t updated your CV for years? Do it now! If you see a fantastic opportunity with a short deadline, you need to use your time to tailor the CV to meet the exact requirements rather than rushing to put one together. It’s important to have a strong CV that stands out in the current job market, so put a CV together while you have time.


2. Update and improve your LinkedIn profile

Has your LinkedIn account laid dormant over the past year? If so, now is the time to update your profile and become more active in the discussions – this will increase your digital presence. Many recruiters search for candidates on LinkedIn rather than advertising roles so make sure you get noticed.


3. Get interview ready

How confident are you about your interview performance? If you haven’t had an interview for a while, you may want to spend some time thinking about questions you may be asked. Prepare answers to these in advance and practise them out loud.


4. Be proactive

Do you only wait for roles to be advertised before applying for them? About 70% of jobs get filled without being advertised so ensure that you are being as proactive as possible. Sending a speculative letter to that firm you really want to work for or having conversations with your network could be really beneficial to your job search.


5. Get back in touch with recruitment agencies

Not heard from any recruitment consultants for a while? The key to working with a recruitment consultant is to build strong relationships with them. If you’re looking to reconnect, keep in touch with them and send an updated CV once you’ve improved it.


To learn how you can improve your job search techniques to give you a competitive edge in today’s job market, contact SBA to see if you are eligible for support. Email caseworker@sba.org.uk or call 020 8675 6440. You can check our eligibility criteria via our website and also download the Renovo Programme.

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