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SBA raises over £2,000 on the London Legal Walk

Karen South, Christl Hughes, Michael Gillman, Sue Ellis & Tim Martin – pausing at the halfway mark.

Team SBA were proud to take part in the London Legal Walk 2015, an event that saw over 9,000 people from every walk of legal life stream through London on a looping 10km route from Chancery Lane to the Serpentine and back again.

“SBA smashed its target by raising over £2,000 for this important cause”

The purpose of the event was to raise money to support legal advice agencies in and around London. SBA smashed its target by raising over £2,000 for this important cause. Thank you to everyone who gave so generously – and thanks, of course, to our intrepid team of Angi & Peter Birts, Dervilla Carroll, Sue Ellis, Michael Gillman, Christl Hughes, Tim Martin, Ricardo Premchand and Karen South.

It’s not too late to show your support – visit uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/SBA2015 to find out more.


Dervilla Carroll, Angi Birts and Peter Birts strolling through Hyde Park


Tim Martin and Michael Gillman – we’ve got the T-shirt!

If you’re wondering why our photos don’t show Ricardo, it’s because he was simply moving too fast. Not content to walk 10 kilometres, Ricardo ran the course instead, making it back to Chancery Lane in record time!

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