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  • “The SBA confirms my professional standing as a lawyer

  • “No one should feel their life is in such a state that they can’t ask for help”

  • “You know that there are people there to support you and that you are not alone”


John is 49. He spent more than 10 years working as a senior prosecutor with the CPS but last worked more than two years ago. The pressure of a heavy workload contributed to the breakdown of his relationship and to him losing his job. He now lives with his elderly mother who has been very ill since an operation went badly wrong but sees his children at weekends whenever possible. He has made hundreds of job applications but rarely even gets an interview. He thinks that his age is now against him, especially since there are so many younger solicitors looking for work.

“it could have been an indignity having to ask for help — if no-one wanted to know you”

SBA The Solicitors’ Charity has helped him with living expenses and various extras which mean that he has been able to spend some extra time with his children.

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