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Top tips for improving your job search

Guest blog – Emma Louise, Head of Career Coaching, Renovo

Moving from employment to becoming a job seeker can be an emotional and stressful process. Getting back on the ladder as a solicitor is no exception. Looking at the change as a positive opportunity will help you to understand and take control of your search for work. Plus it will benefit you with coping with the adjustment and increase progressive results.

Here are some of tips from Renovo, one of the UK’s leading career transition providers. These will help you to apply a positive and focused approach to your hunt for employment.

1: Conduct a personal audit

Whether you are continuing in your chosen professional path or are looking to make a change, it’s advisable to spend time on a self-analysis. Clarity is an important trait as it enables a targeted hunt for a new position.

  • What values are important to you?
  • What are your future priorities?
  • What skills do you want to use?

Give yourself time to know where to go from here. Recruitment consultants or networks are more likely to engage with you if you have a clear idea of what your next role looks like.


2: Use different search techniques

You will need to know the varying ways to stand out in the modern job market. These include:

  • Reviewing online employment boards
  • Working with recruitment agencies
  • Utilising social media platforms and networking situations
  • Making direct and speculative approaches to organisations

Taking a varied and proactive method will maximise your chances of securing more interviews. This will offer you a chance to really sell yourself to potential employers.


3: Prepare and plan

Being able to promote yourself is a skill in its own right. It requires planning, preparation and confidence. To increase your chances in being considered for that next appointment, be sure to tick the following boxes:

  • Research the organisation and fully understand what the opening entails
  • Tailor CVs and application forms for each post considered
  • Prepare for interviews – pre-empt and practice questions and responses ahead of every meeting

Taking the time to adequately prepare each application and practice before an appointment really will make a difference.


4: Be adaptable

The modern market is competitive and may feel overwhelming. Especially if you haven’t had to find position recently or if you are considering a shift in direction. Successful candidates tend to:

  • Adapt and consider using transferable skills to broaden their pursuit
  • Take advice and feedback from their network and industry professionals and act upon it
  • Try modernised approaches including embracing new technologies


To learn how you can improve your job search techniques that will give you a competitive edge in today’s market, check to see if you’re eligible for support via our website. You can also find out more about the Renovo Programme via the link below.

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